Change in products

With the release of version 1.5 of placiibo there are some changes introduced in the offered products.

The promotion in which you leave a one-time tip of your choosing to gain access to placiibo+ has officially ended with this release and placiibo+ has been replaced with a new product called placiibo Unlimited. 

You can upgrade to placiibo Unlimited through a couple of options. There are periodical subscriptions (i.e. weekly, monthly, yearly) to gain access to placiibo Unlimited and there are Lifetime options that will grant you a lifetime upgrade in exchange for a one-time payment. The Lifetime options come in two flavors, Lifetime and Lifetime Family. The latter can be shared through family sharing, giving you the option to save money if there are multiple people in your family that would like to use placiibo Unlimited. 

Below is a quick overview of differences and answers to some common questions

Feature placiibo+ placiibo Unlimited
Import unlimited amount of binaries
Ad free
Dark Mode
Switch Icon
New pallet swap icons added in the future
Newly designed icons added in the future  
New color themes added in the future
New features added in the future  
Gratitude for your support

Do I have to purchase placiibo Unlimited to keep access to placiibo's functionality?

No. As promised when offering placiibo+, any functionality you unlocked by upgrading to placiibo+ will remain accessible to you. If you upgraded to placiibo+ by leaving a "Sushi-sized Tip" you'll automatically get a complimentary upgrade to Lifetime Unlimited.

Is there any benefit to upgrading to placiibo Unlimited when I already have placiibo+?

Currently there's no difference in functionality between the two. Both placiibo+ and Unlimited currently unlock the exact same functionality. 

What's the difference between placiibo+ and placiibo Unlimited?

Currently there's no difference between the two. When new features are added in the future you'll need placiibo Unlimited to unlock them.

What options are there to upgrade to placiibo Unlimited?

We offer three forms of subscriptions (weekly, monthly and yearly) and two one-time payment options (Lifetime and Lifetime Family). 

The Lifetime options bring the best value, but we recognize that some people would like to use placiibo occasionally at a smaller cost, so the three subscription periods are made available to offer flexibility. 

What's the difference between Lifetime and Lifetime Family?

Lifetime and Lifetime Family are almost identical. Both are a one-time payment option to unlock all of placiibo's current and future features. Lifetime Family, however, has the added benefit of being cost effective if you have multiple people in your family that would like to access those features since it can be shared through Family Sharing.

Why did you switch to a subscription model?

We felt that a subscription model provides for more flexibility for our users and a more realistic payment for the value placiibo offers. It helps sustainability of maintaining the app and developing new features and it opens the door to features that carry a higher cost for maintaining them.

What if I don't like subscriptions?

We understand that not everyone is eager about subscriptions or that some people simply prefer a one-time payment. For those people we offer the two Lifetime options.

Now that placiibo+ isn't offered anymore, how do I access placiibo+?

If you need to restore your purchase of placiibo+ you can simply go to Settings > Unlimited and tap on Restore Purchases at the bottom. placiibo will recognize that you had purchases placiibo+ and will restore placiibo+'s features. The confirmation message will specifically mention placiibo+ and you can see that placiibo+ is enabled at the top of the settings screen.

Is it possible to upgrade to placiibo Unlimited for free if I already have placiibo+?

If you unlocked placiibo+ by leaving a "Sushi-sized Tip" you'll automatically get a complimentary upgrade to Lifetime Unlimited. If you unlocked placiibo+ through a lower Tip amount, you'll have to either subscribe to placiibo Unlimited or purchase Lifetime Unlimited to upgrade to Unlimited.

However, because of the transition, we'll have placiibo Lifetime on a special 2021 New Year's sale until January 7, 2021, making placiibo Lifetime available at a reduced price with a discount of about 66%.

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