How do I export logs?

Logs can be very helpful to us in finding out what might be causing your issue. Luckily if you reach out to us through the built in email option, placiibo will automatically gather the logs and add it as an attachment to your email. 

But sometimes our users reach out to us via a different option, or sometimes we ask you to provide us with a new log to get the most up to date information. So below you can find steps on how to export logs, that you can then attach to your reply to us. 

  1. Make sure to reproduce the issue before you follow the rest of these steps. This ensures that the logs you export will have been able to capture the issue;
  2. Go to the Settings tab in placiibo;
  3. Tap on Logs;
  4. Tap on Share;
  5. Tap on Save to Files (if Save to Files isn't listed, tap on Edit Actions at the bottom and make sure the Save to Files option is enabled);
  6. Choose the location of where you want to save the logs, be sure to choose a location that will be easily found by you. By default the filename for the logs will be "kruimeltje.log";
  7. Add the log file to your reply as an attachment.

By providing us with logs this way, we will have a better chance at resolving your issues.

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