Why am I told that the binary file I'm trying to import is already imported?

In a previous version of placiibo there was a bug that would occur in rare instances. This bug would prevent the app from doing proper clean up in the background if you would cancel out of importing a binary file. 

Despite this bug being solved in the current version, effects of this bug can still occur in the form of a warning that you're trying to import a duplicate binary file if there are some left-over files behind the scenes from before this bug was fixed.

Luckily this issue is easily resolved and a quick workaround exists. 

The preferred way of resolving this issue

  1. Delete placiibo
  2. Reinstall placiibo from the App Store

This solution is preferred because deleting and reinstalling placiibo will make sure any left-over files from before the bug fix will be cleaned up. Keep in mind however that this won't reset your free trial, so if you rely on the free trail to use the app the workaround below might be a more suitable solution for you.


  1. Change the file name of the binary file you're trying to import
  2. Retry importing the binary file now that it has a different file name
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